One Commander requires Windows 7, 8.x or 10!

It is running on .NET 4.6 framework and WPF

Download V2
Windows Store
ClickOnce Installer
Windows Supported 10 7/8/10 7/8/10
Automatic Updates
Yes Yes No
Download One Commander V2 on Windows Store Download One Commander V2 ClickOnce Installer Download One Commander V2 Portable

If you are running Windows 10 we recommend downloading free Windows Store version as it is the most current version of One Commander; it uses latest .NET, and has the most reliable updating system.

Looking for an older version?


Most shortcuts are the same as in Windows File Explorer and most other Windows software:

` (key under ESC) Switch between path and Miller-Columns (for one/two panel modes)
~ Show recent status messages
\ Edit path
MMB + drag Window selection
Ctrl+Click Open drive or favorite in second panel
Tab Move keyboard focus to the next panel
Shift+Tab Move keyboard focus to the previous panel
a-z Filter current folder
0-9 Filter current folder for numbers
.a-z (dot) Filter current folder extensions
*, ESC Clear filter
Space Preview image / document / video
Ctrl+Space Toggle file selection
Ctrl+X/C/V Cut/Copy/Paste
Alt+C Copy to other panel
Alt+M Move to other panel
New file from template

New folder
- In NewFolder popup:
-- Ctrl+Enter: create folder and open
-- Shift+Enter: create folder and move selected files into it
Del Delete to recycle bin
Enter Open selected file
ESC Close popup
F2 Rename
F5 Refresh
Arrow keys Navigate folder panels (Keyboard focus must be on one folder)
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected file
Ctrl+T Create new tab
Ctrl+W Close tab

More in Program Help window. Missing a shortcut? Let us know.

Feedback, Bugs, Feature Requests...

Send us feedback, comments and bugs to support[(AT)]onecommander[D0T]com so we can build better software faster.

Check out the forum.

What is next?

Check out the Blog to see what is new

In the next updates you can expect:

  • Monospace fonts support
  • Improved themes
  • Better network file management
  • PSD preview