Note: This is an older version!


One Commander requires Windows 7, 8.x or 10!

Since this version is portable, you will need to install these dependencies manually
(or download V2 for 10-second installation)

1. Upgrade to latest .NET 4.5

2. Download VS2012 Redistributables

3. Install Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (Already installed on Windows 8 but you may update) to get thumbnails support
Windows 7:
Windows 8 x64 upd:
Windows 8.1 upd:

Feature V1 V2 Beta
Portable Yes X
Dual-Pane X Yes
Tabs Yes Yes
Themes support Yes Yes
Long path support Yes Yes
Understandable folder structure with improved Miller Columns Yes Yes
Thumbnails in Detailed view Yes Yes
Metadata for Image/audio/video/document files Yes Yes
Relative file dates Yes Yes
Color coded file age Yes Yes
Quick filtering of current folder Yes Yes
Easy keyboard navigation Yes Yes
Notes / ToDo tasks in folders Yes Yes
Drop List / Smarter clipboard Yes Yes
Batch file operations Yes Yes
Preview Images/Videos/Documents with zoom support Yes Yes
Built in copy/move handler Yes Yes
Network shares support Yes Limited
Batch renaming with RegEx Yes Yes
Batch image converter Yes Yes
Extract Archives: zip, rar, 7z... X Yes
Group Favorites per project X Yes
Multiple Languages Yes Soon
Price Free Free
Download v1
Download v2

This version of the program has been replaced with V2 version, and most future development time will be concentrated there. The only thing why you might want to try V1 is the more languages support.

After installing everything required, download ZIP file, extract it to a separate folder (non-system folder) and run OneCommander.exe

Download One Commander V1 Stable

Important: Do not extract One Commander in "Program Files" folder!

There is no classic installation. It is portable so you can use it on different computers running it from your USB drive or Dropbox folder (as long as you have .NET4.5 and VS2012 Redistributables installed). One Commander has easy 10 seconds update system.

Recommended to "Run as Administrator"


  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Danish
  • Hungarian
  • Croatian
  • Serbian
  • Polish

Most shortcuts are the same as in Windows Explorer or most other Windows software:

Win+O Open when minimized / Bring to front / Minimize
Tab Move keyboard focus to the next panel
Shift+Tab Move keyboard focus to the previous panel
Ctrl+Right Move keyboard focus from folder panel to file panel
Ctrl+Left Move keyboard focus from file panel to folder panel
a-z Filter current folder
0-9 Filter current folder for numbers
.a-z (dot) Filter current folder extensions
*, ESC Clear filter
Space Preview image
Esc Open path
Ctrl+X/C/V Cut/Copy/Paste
Ctrl+M QuickMove
New file from template

New folder
- In NewFolder popup:
-- ctrl+enter: create folder and open
-- shift+enter: create folder and move selected files into it
Del Delete to recycle bin
Enter Open selected file
ESC Close popup
F2 Rename
F5 Refresh
Arrow keys Navigate folder panels (Keyboard focus must be on one folder)
Alt+Left/Right Navigate Back/Forward (Same as 4th and 5th mouse button)
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected file
Ctrl+T Create new tab
Ctrl+W Close tab
Ctrl+Tab Switch to next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch to previous tab

Missing a shortcut? Let us know.

Feedback and Bug reports


Check out the forum.

What is next?

This version had been replaced with V2 Beta and all future development will be invested in that version.

This version will still receive critical bug-fixes but no new features