Changes in

  • Paste can be handled by Windows (or Terracopy) by default. Change it in settings>other or click toggle in Taskmaster panel
  • Several bugfixes

Please note that if you let Windows handle paste operations for OneCommander, you must not close program while operation is in progress because that thread belongs to OC and operation will be terminated which may result in partially copied files. OC can not know if Windows handled paste operation has been completed to prevent closing during operation.

Changes in

Major update

  • Shell operations are executed asynchronously – taking less resources. If you have issues, you can switch to using threads (as before) in settings
  • On copy/move conflict now has Rename option that appends ‘(#)’ to file (BETA)OneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_ConflictDialog
  • Fixed preview image loading and GPS button issues
  • Fixed drive sizes numbers display
  • Duplicate now has extension field OneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_DuplivateDialog
  • On drag DropList panel expands temporarily (can be disabled in settings)
  • Dropping messages from Outlook 2016 is now supported (beta, please report issues)
  • Settings ‘Other’ panel has been split into ‘Performance’ and ‘Other’
  • Windows Shell Context Menu can be set as primary context menu, BUT some functionality of second panel will be lost. Better use Shift + RMB to open Windows Context Menu and keep OC context menu on RMBOneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_SettingsDialog
  • Splash screen does not cover other windows
  • Several bugs fixes. Thank you for sending your bug reports
Major update

Changes in


  • Added Bing Maps support (switch to Google Maps in settings)
  • Preview has now 3 tabs
    • Image Preview tries to open as image or video (suggestion for rename welcome)
    • ActiveX tries to open file with whatever Windows preview has for a default preview handler installed
    • Ascii opens file as text, and now uses Monospace font per your requests
  • Fixed bugs with GPS button for countries that have “,” as decimal separator instead of “.”
Changes in

Changes in .601

  • Fixed path expand/collapse animation
  • Folder panels can be set up to exponential or equal sizing
  • Favorites and history paths show close/alias buttons on hover
  • Preview button in context menu
  • Edit path with “\” shortcut
  • Enable folder-panel scrollbars in settings
  • Extracting archive taskbar progress
  • Ability to change number of paths in history, and to clear it
  • Shift+Del shortcut
  • Various bug-fixes
Changes in .601