One Commander V2 Alpha Download

Hello everyone!

Thank you again for provided feedback on One Commander! There was a lot of quality feedback and I have been able to make the first alpha version of One Commander V2 by shaping your suggestions. I am sharing the progress with you. (Download at the bottom)

Installation – First big change is that One Commander now has a setup (There will be also portable version). I had to replace previous update system with a more robust technology. Installation now uses Microsoft’s ClickOnce method for deployment and it handles updates quite elegantly also. I have not yet purchased certificate so it will appear from an “Unknown Publisher”. One of the main reasons is that many users did not have proper .NET framework or other dependencies and the installer will install everything if necessary. Installer does not add any toolbars or other rubbish to your computer.

Screenshot (11)

On the first start it will open in OCv1 Layout. The first thing you will notice is that vertical space is much better used. Panels now stretch to fit all available space and as you requested, panels closer to the current folder get more available space. If you are 4 levels deep the panel space distribution will be 1/8, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2.

Panel animation is now smoother but we can not have stacked panels look any more.

First panel is Drives and Favorites panel. There is no Special Folder section any more but Favorites now can handle multiple sections so you can make section and name it Special Folder if you are feeling nostalgic. You can create as many project based sections as you like and you can drag paths between sections or reorder within a section. Most requested feature was having Aliases so it has been implemented. Enable edit mode (pen icon) and button will appear letting you rename any Favorite.

Screenshot (12)

One feature requested by majority was to merge files and folders in the same panel. You will see that listing files is now much faster. Total and selected files-size display is here again. Files sorting is just behind the information row and you can find it by hovering it with a mouse or using the sort button above the scroll bar. It is there so it does not take away valuable vertical screen space.

File Age colors have now a wider gamut and you can control saturation and luminance so you can make it pastel if you like. If you still prefer absolute dates, make file panel wide enough and these will appear.

OCv2 has two context menus as described in previous posts. RMB (Right-Mouse Button) opens new context menu divided into 4 sections Create, Open, Clipboard and Modify. It does not rely on Windows shell so it opens instantly. If you still need a function from Windows Shell Context Menu, you can open it with Shift+RMB.

Screenshot (13)


You might be familiar with Dual Panel workflow from other Commander style file managers. Almost half of you liked the idea so it is also there. Look for the Layout button and select Two Panel option. Second panel will appear only if window is wide enough. You can copy selected file to the other panel with Alt+C, or move with Alt+M.

You can open Favorite in a second panel by holding Ctrl while clicking it.
Screenshot (14)
Since there was no space for Miller-columns (for folders) in Two Panel Layout, it has been added above the file list. You can use the breadcrumbs-like path for navigation or you can expand it to a Miller-Columns folder browser.
Screenshot (15)

File selection can be made with window selection using MMB (Middle Mouse Button). Draw selection rectangle without looking for empty space around files. If you prefer keyboard, hold Ctrl, move to different files with arrow keys and press Space bar to select/deselect.

Not all functions from v1 have been added. Currently are still missing:

  • File Processor and batch rename
  • Working with network shares
  • Saving all settings
  • Themes
  • Languages
  • Context sensitive buttons

Since this is still alpha version expect bugs and crashes. Please do not use it yet for any serious work. Taskmaster has had quite a few changes and it was not yet enough tested to be relied upon.

There is a feedback button in the program itself and the more you use it, the faster there will be a final release version. You can also use OCv2 section on the forum or send me an email to support (at) this domain.

Download alpha version at:


One Commander V2 Alpha Download

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  1. Derek says:

    This is a HUGE update! I can’t wait to try it out. Glad I backed this, thank you for all your hard work, Milos.

  2. DarkKain says:

    Hm.. good update. OneCommander closer and closer to be my choice. Ty for dual view. Thx for u doing. We all waiting stable release.
    And one more.. THANK YOU!

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