Major update

  • Shell operations are executed asynchronously – taking less resources. If you have issues, you can switch to using threads (as before) in settings
  • On copy/move conflict now has Rename option that appends ‘(#)’ to file (BETA)OneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_ConflictDialog
  • Fixed preview image loading and GPS button issues
  • Fixed drive sizes numbers display
  • Duplicate now has extension field OneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_DuplivateDialog
  • On drag DropList panel expands temporarily (can be disabled in settings)
  • Dropping messages from Outlook 2016 is now supported (beta, please report issues)
  • Settings ‘Other’ panel has been split into ‘Performance’ and ‘Other’
  • Windows Shell Context Menu can be set as primary context menu, BUT some functionality of second panel will be lost. Better use Shift + RMB to open Windows Context Menu and keep OC context menu on RMBOneCommander_V2Beta_0_5_0_SettingsDialog
  • Splash screen does not cover other windows
  • Several bugs fixes. Thank you for sending your bug reports
Major update